Harbook bookstore, café and furniture showroom 600 m2



Type of object:

Commercial properties


Porto Montenegro, (Tivat)

123,000 €
  • Type of object Commercial properties
  • Area 600 m2


The open space of 600 square meters is dissected by a series of arches reminiscent of classic Italian porticoes. They create a dialogue between eras and cultures, providing a unique shopping experience.

To enhance the imaginary theme of the cityscape, separate displays and abstract sculptures fill the space. Their color palette, as well as an amazing combination of materials, create a postmodern accent against a backdrop of more classic interior elements.

The multifunctional space at Harbook is designed to host a variety of events. In the showroom area, there are multilevel levels for displaying furniture. An adjoining staircase draws the eye towards the café’s raised area, conceived as a place to meet friends, work alone, or just read. The view of Lake Sihu gives the design a fabulous, playful mood.

The LED light installation serves as a central element and acts as a metaphor for the enlightenment achieved through reading. While literature is available online for many, Harbook sheds light on the timeless luxury of books.

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