Mosaicoon office 4000 m2



Type of object:

Commercial properties



550,900 €
  • Type of object Commercial properties
  • Area 4000 m2
  • Year of construction 2020
  • Parking yes


On an area of ​​4 thousand square meters and a view of the bay, a free space was created with swings, billiards, sofas and citrus trees. Professionals can communicate outdoors or retreat with their team in a closed room using movable partitions. Large tables with a length of 12 meters are located even in the seating area, which creates additional opportunities for interaction during lunch. Also planned is a future gym and children’s room, given that Mosaicoon employs about 50% of women on projects. The office space also houses a garden and showrooms for local young artists. All this creates a favorable business environment and attracts talent from all over the world to Mosaicoon.

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